Our Story

We're Kelly and Molly, a mother and daughter team from a small town in South Wales. We first began making wax melts in the middle of lockdown in 2021 as a hobby. We both love home fragrances and anything creative, so we began making them for family. They loved them so much and we soon found family friends wanted to try them. This gave us the idea to turn our much loved hobby into a small, family run business. Slowly we began to grow locally and now have loyal returning customers. 
There has been mistakes along the way, which has helped us to improve our techniques. 
When producing our products, it is important to us that we use ethically sourced wax. This is why we chose coconut and rapeseed wax. No habitat is being destroyed, no families are losing their lively hood and no forests are being destroyed. The fruit (coconut) is simply harvested and the tree remains. Our wax it totally eco-friendly and vegan-friendly. 
We have tried our various fragrance oil providers on our journey. Finding the right one with the same ethics was of great importance. All of our oils are 100% concentrated, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. 
Our wax melts are hand-crafted, finished and picked just for you.
We are CLP Compliant and fully insured
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