Christmas Gifts 2022

Wax melts are a perfect gift for the holidays, especially if you're looking to give someone who loves candles and wax melts a unique present. This year at La Fragranza,  we've put together a list of our top picks for wax melts!

12 Days of Christmas - A clamshell filled with 12 different Christmas fragrances. 

Wax melt mini stocking - fragranced in Gingerbread. This cute little stocking is only £1.50! A perfect, no expensive gift to your child's teacher.

Wax melt Christmas sweater - this come is a selection of Christmas fragrances.

Last and not least, our luxury Christmas scented wax melt bars. 

Our wax melts are made from a blend of coconut and rapeseed wax. This blend is 100% vegan, bio-degradable and more sustainable than soy and paraffin wax. It also has an amazing hot and cold scent throw. We only use the best quality concentrated oils, which will give you a high quality product, that lasts longer.  

Every wax melt is hand-poured at our home in South Wales. Each product is picked and packed with the customer in mind. 

If you would like an authentic hand made gift, your at the right place!

Merry Christmas

from Kelly & Molly