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How to use wax melts

Wax melt are a great alterative to candles. A wax melt is a solid scented wax shape or snap bar. There are so many cute shapes out there. Using a wax melt is easy. You simply break off the desired amount, which is usually 1 or 2 segments if using a snap bar or if your using small tester shapes 1 or 2 is all that is needed. You then pop the wax on top of your wax burner, light your tealight and carefully place it in the section underneath.  If your using an aroma lamp, just pop your wax melts on the dish at the top and turn it on. If your using tealights, it's recommended that you only use the small 4 hour burn time tealights as the 8 hour ones and large ones will warm your wax too quickly, which it will cause your fragrance to burn off more quickly. Never leave a tealight burner unattended
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